Technological Face of India

India has experienced several revolutions after its independence. Starting with the Black Revolution to the Green Revolution to the Yellow Revolution, the stories are endless. As someone who has seen both sides of the coin, I can certainly say that by the end of 2020 and beyond, India will write another revolution in the future, and that will be the Technological Revolution.

The reason why I said I’ve seen both sides of the coin is that I can literally see how things around me have changed since I was born. That doesn’t mean houses and stores have changed, but technology has had a huge influence on how people go about their daily lives.

Supporting Startups Have Become the Trend

The internet has become a common platform for new entrepreneurs to start their own business. Gone are the days when millions of graduates became victims of suicide just because they did not have a good job and they were not able to feed their family. There are millions of graduates who are still jobless, but they at least have an option that they can make the most of if they want to earn their living in the right path. The Indian government has been very supportive in this front. A recent report shows that there are more than 4,400 technology startups in India and the number is expected to rise by the end of 2020. I’m thrilled to share that India stands third when it comes to the number of startups ranking just behind the US and Britain.

One common factor that binds all these startups together is the online platform. Starting from Flipkart which is the number one online store in India with more than a million products ranging from apparels to electronic gadgets and more to Zomato which is the leading food delivery and restaurant information app to Quikr which is the common platform for people to buy and sell used products.

The government has introduced several schemes to help new startups. One of the most renowned schemes has been the SIP-EIT or Support for International Patent Protection in Electronics & Information Technology. This scheme is applicable for new companies that fall under the IT service or technology hardware or AI or the Internet of Things industry. This is just one of the many programs that the government has introduced.

There are numerous other grants and programs that we can talk about but the fact that the government is backing these schemes have given hope to millions of educated professionals who are not willing to go into the traditional job or corporate sector and get a 9 to 6 job.

Changing Transportation Facilities

Apart from the fact that the government is supporting so many startup schemes, it is terrific to see that interested entrepreneurs are ready to take the leap of faith and start their own business. Until a couple of decades ago, starting a business was considered a huge risk.

The best alternative was to become a graduate and get a job and have a family. But new India wants more than just a family. New India is looking to lead a comfortable life in addition to having a family.

A significant change that I noticed in recent years that I believe has been brought because of the improvement in technology in India is the transportation system.

There has been a paradigm shift in how people commute and this has not only helped people but has also brought in a lot of competition that has helped lower the price of transport facilities to a great extent. For example, cab facilities in India have always been at the mercy of the cab drivers. You would have to plead with the cab drivers and pay some extra amount if you wanted to avoid taking the bus or the local train.

Passengers were heckled left right and center and the cab drivers didn’t even bother to respond even in case of emergencies.

That scene has changed a lot thanks to personalized transportation apps like Uber or Ola Cabs. If the service is available in your city and you don’t want to take the trouble of pleading with the local cab drivers, all you have to do is book a cab from the app and enter your destination. There will be a cab waiting at your doorstep within a few minutes.

This has not only streamlined the transport facilities but also the companies that are providing the service are earning millions every month because of the service they provide.

The Mobile Revolution

There is no doubt that technology around us has improved our lifestyle and made our lives easier but one gadget that has changed the way we work these days is the mobile phone. With innovations, smartphones have become a part of the life of people. And, this has given so many opportunities to so many people to earn a living that you will be surprised to know that it is now possible to just sit at home and start a business without having to invest a penny.

The smartphone trend started a few years back, especially after the companies moving on to mobile marketing. Another advantage that smartphone users now have is access to unlimited internet. This has helped the rural areas as well. With Jio connections, the so-called backward tribal groups can now sell their products online.

I believe that this is the change that has impressed me the most. Urban people are used to the luxurious facilities but Reliance Jio has given an equal opportunity to everyone to start earning their living independently. The combination of smartphones and fast data connectivity has improved the rural picture.

India still has a long way to go compared to the developed countries in terms of advancement in technology but the steps it has taken in the last couple of decades has been in the right path to success. I am really hopeful that we will soon see a more technologically advanced India in the next few years.

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