Xiaomi POCO F1 Review – Best Budget Smartphone With Snapdragon 845

Xiaomi POCO F1 review

Xiaomi has once again disrupted the smartphone market with the introduction of their all-new POCO F1. It seems that they are looking to create a big splash with a brand-new brand. Although I have to admit that the name is a little bit peculiar, there’s nothing peculiar about how practical this smartphone is.

Xiaomi POCO F1 Review

The Pocophone is a budget phone, but the crazy part is that the specs are not budget at all. Its truly a new buzzword on the internet and everyone is talking about it. Almost every review website is writing about it, including us.

Now before you and I get into the review, lets first discuss a bit about the Xiaomi’s new marketing strategy.

Xiaomi is trying to put all their resources in an entirely new brand but then they are not entering into the premium segment. This new sub-brand will be focused on mid-budget and low budget smartphones segment.

But the question is why? Why are they investing so much in creating a whole new subbrand when they already have such a massive presence in the Indian and south-eastern Asian market?

Well, personally I think that Xiaomi’s previous sub-brands like Redmi and MI series weren’t able to attract even a decent audience in India or in southeast Asia and so they are now entering into mid-budget segment with their all-new subbrand. Now they plan to build Android smartphones which will be accessible and affordable to the mass community but will come with all new, modern features and configuration.

Now, let’s get back to the review.

Design and build quality

Poco F1 is designed considering the latest trend, that is, the black colored notch at the top-center on the front side of the device. Curvy corners which feel smooth. Minimal bezels around the display and fingerprint scanner on the back side.

front and back side of poco f1

Overall, there is nothing super exciting about the design except for the fact that the back side cover is made up of real kevlar, at least that’s what the company claims. Note that the Kevlar back body is only available in the Armoured edition and it’s the highest end variation of Poco F1.

Other variations come with the polycarbonate body and definitely lacks that metallic feel and smoothness which you will usually find in other Xiaomi’s devices.

Now, based on the looks one can explicitly say that the company is trying to keep itself away from the glass backing. I think that’s a good idea. I mean they can save the resources and reinvest in modern hardware. And personally, I hate glass covering due to the fact, they are the fingerprint magnet, and they get scratches preety quickly.

The overall construction feels solid and rigid. and while holding this smartphone on your hands, you can definitely get the “premium” feel.



The display is definitely one of the high points of this device. It has got a 6.18-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 18.7:9. The top-notched LCD is made up of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and comes with 1080×2246 pixels resolution.

The good thing is that you can modify the contrast and the color vibrancy, but even with the enhanced contrast mode on, it isn’t able to match the quality of the OLED display.


On the front side, you get a 20-MP selfie camera which comes with support for the face-lock technology. So it means now you can unlock your device by just looking at it. I have tested this lock-unlock feature in mid to low light environment, and I must say, it just works. There is a bit of lag ( like 1-1.5 seconds ), but then it’s acceptable considering the price point and the low light environment. Overall the selfie picture quality is good, not excellent.

dual camera setup

On the back side, you have dual camera setup. You have a 12-megapixel shooter along with a 5-megapixel secondary that helps with portrait mode.  It also has the AI capabilities where the camera is going to figure out your surroundings and then accordingly choose the perfect picture preset for you. Obviously, you can change the settings as per your need and can make the final after-shot adjustments to your photos.


There is absolutely no category in which you can fit Poco F1. I mean putting it in a mid-budget smartphone segment will be an injustice to its power and calling it a flagship device will be completely unfair considering its price point.

beauty with the beast pocophone comes with spandragon 845 processor

This phone comes with a beast, and that is a Snapdragon 845 processor. It’s a processor which has a clock speed of 2.8GHz, is built on the 64-bit architecture and supports LPDDR4 memory with maximum of 1866Mhz speed. Additionally, it comes with Adreno™ 630 integrated GPU which has support for latest API such as Vulkan 2, DirectX 12, etc.

Considering the processing power, you can stay assured that this device can tackle any type of Android game or app without any lags.

Other vital specs are 6GB ram, 64GB inbuilt storage which is expandable to 128GB.

Operating SystemAndroid Oreo ( Will get the latest update )
Interface SkinCustomized MIUI
SimDual Sim (GSM)
3G/4GSupported on both sims
Face unlockSupported
Fingerprint ScannerSupported
UsbType C with fast charge 3.0


The Poco F1 comes loaded with 4000mAh battery which is in my test was more than capable of handling my daily mobile activities. It was able to keep my device awake for more than 32 hours even when I played games like PUBG and Real Racing 3 for more than 4 hours.

The recharging capability is absolutely fantastic. In my test within 1.5 hours, my device was 100% recharged and once again was ready to serve me for another 32 to 35 hours.

Other important features

One of the most exciting features is the ability to hide the top notch with the help of a black bar. This can be done in the settings, and it’s really helpful when you are reading any content on your browser.

One another great feature is its UI. Even though this device doesn’t come with the latest Android operating system, it comes with POCO launcher which is basically a more colorful and customizable version of Android Pie UI. The integrated UI comes with lots of great customizable feature such. One of its really interesting features is its ability to sort out the apps based on the color of their icons. You can also change the application icons by downloading and installing icons packs.


It is going to one of those phones that is special in specific ways, and I think a lot of people, especially in countries like India and in many parts of Asia would be looking out for.

Maybe it does not excel when you compare to the other flagships in the market but then again the fact that you can get it for a lower price than those flagships is really the end of the whole story. So that being said, if asked personally, I’m 100% into this device.

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